the Alphabioenergetic movement

Our practice offers a quick way out of a state of stress as it focuses the energy inward to produce more desirable health conditions and hastens the natural healing process. The reduction of stress, improvement in the performance of the organism and in the natural healing process imply a return to unite our inner Power. This is achieved with a quick physical process called alignment.

A high-level sensory input is sent to the brain and causes a break in the patterns that zeroes in the stress switches, re-prioritizes and integrates the right and left hemispheres. The process is compared to restarting a computer that has an irregularity by turning off the central processor, turning it on again and allowing the master program to recharge, and thus eliminate the irregularity.

Benefits include: 

- Better response to stress
- Increase in energy and strength
- Correction of structural imbalances
- Elimination of stress symptoms
- Improvement of athletic performance
- Increased mental concentration
- Acceleration of the internal healing process
- Peace and desire to live in the moment

- More life, awareness and alertness
- Improve concentration, creativity and performance
- Increase efficiency in problem solving and decision making